Wardrobe Identity

What’s your Identity? Stay the course to update and maintain your Look. Whatever your style is 3F gives you the ability to mix and compliment pieces to create your own look: from Everyday Casual, Lounging Around, Weekend Chic, Day to Eve or Girl’s Night Out to Uptown Style.


Friday- Girls’ Night Out

On a night like this, you want to be at your best: confident, sexy and ready to conquer whatever the night brings. 3F’s Ellie woven blouse is just what you need, featuring a gorgeous lace inset that provides an elegant update to a classic! Make it an outfit with the addition of the Miracle pants, 3F’s Kate ankle pant. Kate is strategically crafted to hold your figure in all the right ways; all day everyday, no matter the occasion. Between the Ellie shirt and Kate pants, you’ll have the ideal blend of romantic and fierce. With Ellie’s soft and feminine feel giving you supreme confidence and Kate’s flawless design flattering you all the while, you’ll have all the tools you need to have the best Girls’ Night Out ever.

Kelly Sweater

Saturday- Weekend Chic

The weather today is not as warm as last night, so as you scan your closet, you find yourself hunting for a light, elegant sweater. The forever iconic 3F Kelly sweater is perfect for weekend chic and exactly the type of sweater you need today. Kelly is timeless, a key piece in any wardrobe and sure to have you stopping the show wherever you go. Graceful and free-flowing with slightly flared sleeves, Kelly is an absolutely amazing choice for any occasion.

Gisele BFF Sweatshirt Hoodie & Sister Steph track pants

Sunday- Lounging Around

Comfort should never mean sacrificing confidence, so today you opt for your go to: the 3F Gisele BFF Sweatshirt Hoodie. Gisele offers a fresh, updated look to the standard hoodie by integrating sexy lace-up sides that provide a much deserved chance for you to show some skin and feel simply beautiful doing it. Gisele does it all, without ever abandoning the casual comfort of the hoodie that you know and love. This makes Gisele the ultimate choice for lounging around on a rainy Sunday, especially paired with the ultimate drawstring sweatpants: the sporty yet stylish Sister Steph track pants. Sister Steph pants are, above all else, designed to flatter every inch of your gorgeous self. You can do it all, and these pants will be with you every step of the way. Be it lounging around or stepping out for a cup of coffee, Sister Steph is always ready to wow with their original, empowering messages placed down the left side seam in spectacular Swarovski Crystal.

Sasha Embroidered Boyfriend Shirt

Monday- Casual Everyday

Today you’re feeling casual, and your work clothes are beginning to harsh your vibe, so you decide to change. First, you choose a white pair of skinny jeans and, looking for cool comfort, you pull the 3F Sasha embroidered boyfriend shirt off the hanger and slide it over your shoulders. Designed to be slightly oversized, the shirt is loose and flows nicely, while the rich cotton embroidery provides a unique appearance, unlike any other. In Sasha, you’ll always be a shining standout and feel fantastic doing so.

Tuesday- Day to Eve/Uptown

Tuesdays may just be the North Dakota of the week, and by that I mean they’re rarely spoken of. Tuesdays simply tend to get buried by the excitement of the rest of the week. Once you get out of work you’re ready to spend the evening Uptown with some friends from work. For this, you decide on the Jenna, paired with light skinny jeans. You’ll never be a Tuesday when you’re wearing Jenna, never to be overlooked and never overshadowed. Jenna’s lace back makes it incredibly versatile, giving you the freedom to either layer the same tones, or contrast them and showcase the lace. This sexy update to a standard V-neck is the perfect item to pull any outfit together, leaving you feeling confident, put together and ready for great night Uptown with your colleagues.

Grace Long Sleeve Tunic

Wednesday- Shopping about Town

Only two more days left in the week, and things are starting to look up. Pay day is tomorrow, and you’re in the mood to do some shopping. So, after work, you decide to meet up with a friend and do some shopping downtown. You’re looking to be comfortable and stylish as you window shop. You only have a few minutes to change, and so you reach for the 3F Grace long sleeve tunic. This shirt offers a lightweight, buttery material that is sure to fit easy and still have you looking cool and confident. No shop clerk will overlook you while you’re wearing Grace, as you’ll have a positively powerful presence in this tunic.

Celeste Knit Top

Thursday- Summer Fun/Me Time

It’s a mild day, so you can finally wear a t-shirt, and for your walk you opt for the 3F Celeste knit top. This is a versatile shirt that is perfect for any occasion, be it a romantic night out or a simple walk in the park. The flutter sleeves and metal neck chain add the perfect amount of elegance, while the Rayon fabric provides supreme comfort.

Louella Tank Top

After your walk, however, you decide that the rest of the night is reserved for no one but yourself. You get back just as the sun is beginning to set and quickly grab your yoga mat, as there’s nothing more zen than a quiet yoga session with the setting sun as a backdrop. Not wanting to miss it, you quickly slip into the 3F Louella tank top, an elevated take on the classic tank top. Louella is carefully constructed with a super soft material that provides the perfect amount of comfort and sleek style. Since it comes in seven colors, this tank top will have you feeling like a champion no matter what you are doing, be it an everyday task or working out. To ensure your champion status, Louella features an empowering statement down the center of the back in genuine Swarovski Crystal.