Sunrise, You Rise

Memorial Day Weekend is the official kick off to the Summer Season. That means, get ready for rooftops, BBQs, beaches, and long sunny days. It’s a natural feeling to wake up as the sun rises, and as the sun is rising earlier, so are we. We can press the snooze button as much as we want on our alarms, but we can’t snooze the sun! Now, will you wake up with the sun, or will you be mad at the sun for waking you up? Our attitude in the morning can carve our whole outlook for the day. People don’t just “wake up on the wrong side of the bed,” that’s a choice. Wasting a summer day on a bad attitude is like wasting a great outfit on a day no one (significant) sees you. It’s absolutely regrettable. So let’s not waste a summer second nor a great outfit!

Jump out of bed and feel excited to wear our Audrey blouse to the Top of the Strand rooftop, located at 33W 37th street in Manhattan, when it hits happy hour. This drapey blouse is constructed with subtle gathering at the shoulders, an open wide short sleeve, and a fashionable necktie. Our Audrey blouse is a staple look to leave a graceful impression this summer. Take in all the compliments from everyone and radiate all the positive vibes around you.

In a more casual (but chic) environment, feel confident in our Ellie blouse to the hottest BBQ event in your neighborhood. The lace inserts on shoulders combine with a lightweight, flowy sleeve that gathers and hugs at the wrist with a comfortable covered elastic to give a feminine and elegant silhouette. Our top comes in two colors combos. So depending on which good mood you are in, you can choose the dynamic white and black option or the classic all black option. Choose white and black options if you’re trying to capture someone’s eye. The combination of these contrasting colors not only create a dynamic look, but also captures the right attention to be found in a crowd. For those who can’t help but to spill sauce on themselves, no matter how many napkins are involved, our all black option will coyly hide those stains.

Feel zen in our Karli tank top on a beautiful day in Montauk at the beach. This loose and comfortable tank is designed with a fun detail twisted detail in the back. A full spinal back opening with a one-twist manipulation at the bottom hem gives an edgy but laid back look. Enhance the sensation of the warm sun and cool breeze all around you while walking along the shore. This piece can also be paired with a maxi skirt and sneakers for an easy-going but trendy outfit to wear at a cafe after being in the sun all day.

As our day ends we can’t help but wonder, how will tomorrow be? We can never tell, but we can make the right choice everyday to live the best life possible. Each day is a blessing and a present to be thankful for. Summer isn’t around all year long, but a positive attitude can be an everyday (and the best) part of our outfit.