Bling it on - With Crystals and Shine.  It is all about the sparkle in your life.  I see this look from Athleisure wear, everyday looks to Athletic wear.

One of the looks I love is Statement Making Slogans that you can identify with.  It is still on trend if now more than ever.  Fashion and style are eye catching, fun and all about the glitz and glam.  I feel we all need a little pick me up and it’s a great way to express this.

Style is individual, I embrace all kinds of fashion genres as inspiration. I love the idea of combining unexpected looks to tell a new design story in various ways.

I like to step out of my comfort zone a bit, but always incorporating a part of my go to style.  That is what makes an outfit fresh.   A cool easy Jacket with my favorite jeans put it together with a great novelty layering top either printed or textured like with lace or sequins or embroidery.  

Pick one item that is the unexpected to create an updated look for yourself.